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We provide world-class medical services to our clients.

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Medi Team?

We bring world-class medical care into our client's homes and aim to make an advanced full range of primary and specialty care medical care services not only more accessible but also more affordable and accountable to our client's and patient's needs.


Excellence in the Quality of the service provided.


Medi Team perform services on time, accurately.


We always care to assure safety to all of ours clients.

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We were founded by a group of professionals who believed in a fresh approach to healthcare. We wanted to create a culture of partnership where each staff member is empowered and feels able to make a real difference, where the best management ideas from other sectors to health were applied, and where client come first above all else.
We bring world-class medical care into our client's homes and aim to make an advanced full range of primary and specialty care medical care services not only more accessible but also more affordable and accountable to our client's and patient's needs.
The Medi Team will complete the vision by creating a “people-focused” service delivery model at its core. We provide reliable clinical results for each patient, each time. We develop a business model that is measurable and self-sustaining.
Quality of Care, Respect for persons, Professional Competence, Effectiveness of Care, Safety, Accessibility, Continuity of Care and Service, Creating public awareness on health matters.
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Hospital Management

We manage the data related to the departments of healthcare such as Clinical.

Healthcare Advisory

We deliver a comprehensive range of advisory services to support our clients.

Development Service

We provide custom healthcare development services to healthcare organizations.


Medi Team Group provides a unique combination of project management skills and expertise as owners and managers in the following sectors.

Hospital and Clinic Management

The Medi Team Management System enables doctors, clinics, and hospitals to make their practice paperless.

We develop customized hospital management information systems and clinic management systems tailored to the unique needs of each hospital. Thereby facilitating basic management and record-keeping management tasks.

Healthcare Advisory & Development Services

We deliver a comprehensive range of healthcare advisory services to support our clients.

We support healthcare organizations to develop strategies tailored to good training and legal requirements. We focus on current and future needs to ensure that the solutions we propose will be relevant in the years to come.

Financial Audit Tax and Advisory Services

The Medi team has a reputation for excellence in all areas of insurance, taxation, advisory, and business solutions.

We will help you find the right solutions quickly and effectively by understanding the challenges you face, the importance of firm decisions, and the flexible approach in a complex and changing environment. Our focus is on helping our clients with clarity and agility through complex professional needs.

Retail and Distribution Management

We focus on the needs of medical institutions and trade with partners. The result is access to affordable, high-quality products.

Our distribtion management focuses on the timely delivery of goods through distribution channels and the prevention of loss (such as ensuring the supply of non-perishable goods). Our supply management reduces shipping costs and delivery time and increases customer satisfaction.

Farming and Agriculture

Medi Team Group offering farming & agricultural services to support our cleints.

The basic objective is to reduce the actual and potential yield of farmers on their farms and the knowledge gap in technology by providing the required information to the farmers. Strong agricultural expansion plans can help increase productivity, especially resource utilization by small farm owners.


Nabeel Muhammad

Appreciate to the staffs who is working inside. Good service, friendly approach and helping mentality. Highly recommended.

Lamia Salah

Good and fast service. Really super service amazing. The staffs were great, very friendly, and caring. I am happy to health service almost thank you.

Fatema Jay

I really enjoyed the service provided by the staffs at Medi team group. Everyone is very helpful. It was great everything. Thanks a lot. Keep your good work as doing. Good luck!!

Nouman Ali

Honestly, it's the best medical service group in UAE; I highly recommend Medi team medical services group. Very Polite Staffs, excellent customer service & great experience.

Ahmed Salih

I would highly recommend the Medi team group as reliable and efficient. The staff members are very helpful. Many thanks to the entire group for their excellent service. Keep going like this.

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